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Care for your patient

Do you provide support for malnourished patients?

​Foodcapture is a digital nutrition tool, developed over 5 years by the University of Oslo with testing at Oslo University Hospital, for use in health institutions or remote patient monitoring.

The app helps patients track their own food intake via their phone for sharing health personell.

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Our digital solution

Patient-centered app that helps improve the quality of nutritional care.
Patient gets a tool to allow for increased self-care

Illustrated Laptop

Risk assessment and mapping

Clarify risk of malnutrition

Understand individual need


Plan and dietary recording

Establish individual nutritional plan

Nutritional value intake realtime

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Insights for quick adjustments 

Better ability to prioritize patients


Our ambition in the longer run is to statistically document increased or stable weight compared with outcomes from todays typical practice:

For patient


For health workers

Freed up time

For health institution

Reduced cost

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The solution makes a difference

Documented effects from clinical trial

  • More patients receiving nutritional treatment

  • More patients receiving individual nutrition plans

  • Patients more conscious of their own diet

  • Motivating for patients to use

  • Better documentation in electronic patient records

  • Time-saving for healthcare workers

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«FoodCapture has given me a much better overview and made me more aware. Then I saw that it was so much, and it was not so much. It meant a lot, then I got more into what different types of food contributed. I think the app is a perfect fit. "

"When your appetite is poor, I think you can eat more than you would without the App. It gives an overview, you see if you reach your goal, right"

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"I see the patients are proud. `Look, today I have achieved 85% of my needs.' It gives them a sense of accomplishment. They have something to work towards and have control over themselves." 

"I do not trust diet lists that are kept by hand. I do not trust that they are kept correctly, that everything is included. But I trust the App. It is because there is a lot of second guessing with the calculations we do manually. That is not the case with FoodCapture."

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Want to know more?

Drop us a message if you like us to get in touch.

Our focus now is on Norway and preparing market entry in other European markets

Thanks. You'll hear from us soon

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About us/ the team

Solution was developed by the Universitity of Oslo in colloboration with Oslo university hospital over a period of five years, in close dialogue with users, nutritional experts and health workers.
The company FoodCapture AS was established in 2021.

Our ethical compass alignes with the Hippocratic oath:"I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgement, and I will do no harm or injustice to them"


Other advisors...

Beyond the board, we have established an advisory board. It consist of an expert in clinical nutrition, a former head of health, elderly and work at Oslo City council, a former minister of health for Norway, and an senior sales director in a global corporation within pharma. 

We are members of Aleap, the largest health and medtech incubator in the Nordic region.


Financial support from:

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